Overeager fans have hit the Street Fighter V PC beta test hard, digging through its code looking for any hints at the remaining characters. NeoGAF has proven once again to be a useful source of information, claiming that Street Fighter V will launch with 17 characters, one more than the 16 promised by Capcom.

Fourteen characters have been confirmed so far, leaving only three more spots. One of these will allegedly go to stretchy man Dhalsim, because why not? He's always been a popular hit with gamers dating back to the second game, and of all the characters who haven't been announced yet, he definitely fits the role of one fans want to see.

In addition to Dhalsim, the hack also confirmed the existence of two new characters we haven't been shown yet. Because this is from loose bits of data and not from any specific resources or images, we don't yet know what these characters look like or what their names are. My guess is that one of these will be free and one of the them will be the first DLC available at launch. Capcom stated only four original characters would be available with the main purchase of the game.

The process for finding these characters sounds complicated, so you should read up on it yourself over at NeoGAF. In a nutshell, users mined cutscene information and found the characters that way. Dhalism has an intro and an ending sequence, as well as mystery characters "FAN" and "TUT."

If this proves to be true, then we have the full initial roster for Street Fighter V. Popular veterans who are not among it include Sagat, Guile, E. Honda, Balrog, Blanka, Sakura and Akuma. No doubt, these faces will pop up as DLC sooner or later.

Street Fighter V will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016.