If you were hoping for a relatively unknown fighter to join the roster of Street Fighter V next, well, too bad. The latest addition is none other than Vega, the classic clawed villain from Street Fighter II.

Capcom Unity explains that the character now has two distinct fighting styles: with his iconic claw and without his claw, making it more than just a cosmetic difference as with most previous games. Knowing when to use the claw and when not to is the key to success in using Street Fighter V‘s Vega.

A mainstay in the franchise since his introduction in Street Fighter II, Vega believes that beauty is the truest form of strength and that he alone is the epitome of perfection. The mask he wears serves to protect his face from the blood of his victims, and his deadly three-pronged claw ensures he is able to dish out pain from a safe distance away. Learning ninjutsu at a young age from a Japanese acquaintance, Vega quickly shot up the ranks in Shadaloo, eventually becoming one of the four bosses of the criminal organization.

For those keeping track, we know that Street Fighter V will have 16 characters available at launch, 12 veteran characters and four newcomers. Vega is the eighth confirmed veteran after Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, M. Bison, Charlie Nash, Cammy and Birdie. Four veteran spots remain, but the problem is that five are rumored.

Blanka’s rumor came straight from producer Yoshinori Ono, making it more credible, but the rumor behind Alex, Uriel, Karin Kazuki, and R. Minka came from “sources” at Siliconera. Not saying the rumor isn’t true, but chances are those characters will be reserved for DLC.

If that is the case, then it leaves us with three veteran characters to make it into the final line-up, with plenty of iconic characters to go. Dhalsim, Zangief, E. Honda, Guile, Balrog, Sagat, Sakura, Akuma, Dan… and that’s not even counting the lesser known characters. Who makes the cut and who doesn’t?

The best part about Street Fighter V is that even though your favorite character might be DLC, you won’t have to pay for them!

Street Fighter V will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016.