Wow, and people thought the Dead or Alive girls push the boundaries of proper fighting game attire. In fairness though, Street Fighter Alpha 3’s Rainbow Mika is a professional wrestler, meaning her outfit and obscene gestures are part of her character, no different than what we might find on the WWE or at least Japanese pro-wrestling.

Rainbow Mika has been confirmed for Street Fighter V, making her first appearance in the series since 1998. She is also one of four returning lesser known characters rumored earlier by Siliconera, throwing more legitimacy onto the rumor and speculation as to who is going to appear in the initial roster. Sixteen characters have been confirmed for launch, but four of them are new, meaning only twelve veterans will be there.

Eight have been confirmed so far, making Rainbow Mika the ninth, and that means the remaining three could be the rumored characters. However, producer Yoshinori Ono also teased the announcement of Blanka, which would bring the final count to thirteen. Now that Mika is confirmed, my new guess is that the four rumored characters will fill these final spots, and Blanka will be the first DLC character.

For Rainbow Mika, she mostly employs pro-wrestling moves, but she is unique in her ability to summon her tag-team partner, Nadeshiko. The two can combine attacks for damage, and as seen in the trailer, pull off techniques of a Senran Kagura level of stupidity. She’ll be playable at PAX in Seattle this weekend at the Capcom booth.

Street Fighter V will launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016. Be sure to check out the beta test this weekend.