I thought I was all but finished writing about Street Fighter IV. This now six-year old video game is still the standard by which we rate fighting games, and its frequent updates have the ability to still grab headlines, like this one!

Animal costumes. The incoming 1.04 patch to Ultra Street Fighter IV dresses up Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, and all of your favorite Street Fighter icons in goofy animal costumes. Naturally Sagat wears a tiger suit because his catchphrase has been implanted into the brains of an entire gaming generation. Ken is fitting as an all-American eagle, and E. Honda doesn’t do a bad job filling his role as a Ninja Turtle.

Really makes you wonder how Capcom went about choosing a costume for Blanka. He’s noticeably absent from this batch of screenshots. Maybe they have a costume which dresses him up as a human.

The 1.04 update also gives new options like an online “Omega Mode,” a new ability take any build of any character from any version of Street Fighter IV online with imbalances and all, and a few other issues and additions. Capcom has yet to announce a release date or payment options for the update.