Street Fighter IV was originally announced as a limited exclusive for the upcoming LG Spectrum. LG landed the rights from Capcom to bundle the game on their newest phone exclusively for its launch period.

Now, announced at CES, Capcom will be making Street Fighter IV HD available to all compatible Android devices this May. That puts the Android edition of the game out nearly a full year after the iOS version released.

The "HD" moniker in the title does not necessarily correspond with what this game offers in terms of resolution for every gamer (though the LG Spectrum will rock a 1280 x 720 display). Traditionally speaking, the bar for HD visuals is set at the 1280 x 720 resolution. Most of today's phones don't meet that standard.

From news of the announcement, there are only two things that separate the Android version of Street Fighter IV HD from the iOS version: price and multiplayer. The iOS version of Street Fighter IV is currently selling for $4.99, while the upcoming Android variety will sell for $12.99. The iOS version features multiplayer over Bluetooth, and the Android version will feature multiplayer over wi-fi.

What wasn't revealed in the announcement was support for gamepads upon release. What with all sorts of Android tablets rocking the option to use additional, third-party controllers for gaming on the go, Street Fighter seems like one of the best excuses to spend the extra dough for better control.

The iOS version of Street Fighter IV was, generally speaking, praised for its solid implementation of touchscreen controls. In the world of the technical fighter, precise button presses are a requirement for serious play. The touchscreen isn't perfect, but it gets the job done in a mobile pinch.

Will you be snagging Street Fighter IV HD when it launches this May on the Android Market? Or, is the $12.99 price tag a bit too steep for your liking?

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