Capcom will slowly be releasing Street Fighter V characters that can both be obtained through DLC transactions or by playing and earning them. The first six of these characters were revealed at the PlayStation Experience press conference this past weekend.

All of the characters are returnees with the flat-topped Guile and the boxing Balrog probably being the most recognizable to casual fans. Following them, Alex and Urien were both confirmed, finally granting some credence to the rumor that they would be included in the game. These lesser known fighters come from the Street Fighter Alpha games.

Finally, a pair of Street Fighter’s leading ladies will also be available with the ninja Ibuki from Street Fighter III and kickboxer Juri from Street Fighter IV closing out the first wave of DLC characters.

Street Fighter V will be launching on the PlayStation 4 and PC on Feb. 16, 2016 with 16 playable characters. We previously knew 15 of them, but Capcom also confirmed at the show that the last original character will be a weirdo named F.A.N.G. So far, it’s a solid line-up of classic veterans, original faces, and a few lesser known fighters.