The people over at Eurogamer‘s DigitalFoundry always have something neat relating to the technology powering gaming. This week, they’ve put together something truly unique.

With some creative wiring and configuration, they’ve connected two controllers to two PCs to play Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. That is, both controllers are connected to and controlling both games at the same time.

They managed to get some pretty surprising sync between the two at first using Ken and Ryu. This has resulted in some comments from viewers that Capcom just released the same game they did so many years ago, though switching to other characters quickly revealed that that’s not the case. Even that sync with the game’s two standard characters is a bit misleading, as the guys playing didn’t get very deep with the characters – the basic moves for the most basic characters are the same, and it makes for an amusing comparison.

Really, though, I think this is meant to be an entry point for older or lapsed fans of the series who might be getting back into gaming or fighting games. Giving the most popular characters the same basic moveset means that those 10 or 20 year old reflexes can still kick in long enough to make the game fun before you start figuring out all the new stuff the game has to offer in terms of both characters and strategy.

It’s a neat way to compare and contrast the two games. Now Capcom just needs to get their servers working.