The second season of Stranger Things is nearly upon us, with all nine episodes available to stream beginning Friday, October 27.

A lot happened in the first season, with the main plot revolving around Will Byer’s disappearance and the mysterious Upside Down. As the season went on, we got to know a slew of characters including Eleven and the trio of Will’s friends, Mike, Lucas and the charming Dustin.

By the end, the Demogorgon was killed and peace had settled into Hawkins, Indiana—or so we thought. The trailers for the second season of Stranger Things reveal trouble is brewing, and it is more dangerous than ever.

Before you watch the new season of Stranger Things, we came up with a list of ten things you need to know. Some are fairly obvious while others have been under the radar, but each will play an important role in the new season.

Eleven is alive

This one is fairly obvious because of the trailer, but Eleven is alive and not so well. At the end of the first season, The Duffer Brothers (the creators of the series) made it seem like we’d seen that last of our favorite telekinetic adolescent, but she’s still roaming the woods of Hawkins while scruffing down Eggos. A recent clip showed how she climbed out of the Upside Down and back into the real world, but we have yet to see a clip of her reuniting with her old buddies.

Will is still in trouble

Will thought he was done Upside Down, but the Upside Down is apparently not done with him. Last we saw, Will was grossly puking out slugs. That trouble has followed him into season two from what we’ve see in the trailers. He’s still haunted with visions of the Upside Down, being transported back to it against his will multiple times. At some point in the new season, he will go back to the hospital (maybe even Hawkins National Laboratory) to see just what is going on with him. Will just can’t stay out of trouble.

There’s a bunch of new characters

The second season of Stranger Things returns most of the original cast from the first season, save for a few dead characters (we’ll return to that later), but a lot of new faces are also making their way to Hawkins. By now, you’ve probably seen Bob Newby (Sean Austin)) running around in the trailer. He’s the biggest addition to the show, but there are other key characters who will also have a big role.

Max, portrayed by Sadie Sink, seems to be the latest addition to the group. Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) will also have major roles; Dr. Owens will treat Will at a hospital—but we don’t know how much of a role they will play in the overarching storyline.

The new season picks up a year later

Aside from what we’ve see in the trailers, we don’t really know much else about the plot for the new season of Stranger Things. Luckily, the Duffer Brothers have revealed a few key details, including the timeframe of the season. When the first season ended, it was Christmas time, with Will receiving an Atari as a gift. During a live panel for the show, the Duffer Brothers revealed the new season will take place a year later in 1983.

The trailer shows the kids dressing up for Halloween in Ghostbusters costumes, so it should be about ten months later, but that’s just us being super specific.

A bigger Demogorgon is here

Eleven may have destroyed the Demogorgon that haunted Hawkins throughout the first season, but the second season has an even bigger monster. It seems to be lurking around the Upside Down. Will it make its way into the real world like the smaller Demogorgon? That remains to be seen.

The portal to the Upside Down is still open

You didn’t think it would be that easy to get close the door to the Upside Down, did you? We’re not sure if the portal is still open at Hawkins National Laboratory, but there is one open at Hawkins Middle School. That’s how Eleven makes her way out of the Upside Down.

Don’t trust the government

Throughout the first season, one thing is made clear: the government is in on everything. They are responsible for giving Dr. Martin Brenner free access to do all kinds of experiments on Eleven and ultimately opens up the portal to the Upside Down. Even after the Demogorgon was killed (as well as Brenner), two mysterious suited men arrive to pick up Hopper at the hospital.

This isn’t ending anytime soon in the second season of Stranger Things. In a quick scene in the trailer, we see those nosy spies that overhear phone conversations are still at it.

We’re returning to Hawkins National Laboratory

We are going back to where it all began—Hawkins National Laboratory. Here is where the main portal to the Upside down is and will play a big role in the second season. In one of the trailers for the upcoming season, a scene that pans up showing the infamous laboratory is heightened by Hoppers words: “It’s happening, it all leads back to here.”

The bat with the nails makes an appearance

Remember that badass bat with the nails that Jonathan Byers made to bash in the brains of the Demogorgon? Well, it is coming back. In the final episode, Steve shows up at the Byer’s home when Jonathan and Nancy were trying to lure the Demogorgon into a trap. He gets ahold of the bat and lands a few strikes on the monster before it disappears. It seems he kept it, because he still has it in the back of his car. Hopefully, it enjoys more monster bashing.

Yes, Barb is truly dead

Unfortunately, Barb is indeed dead. The Duffer Brothers said so during a live panel of the show, ending the rumors that there was a slight possibility she would return in season two. In the scene where Joyce and Hopper venture into the Upside Down to find Will, we see a body that resembles Barb, but is hard to make out. Turns out, that was her dead body. That’s a tough way to go. We feel for you Barb.

Good luck binging the new season of Stranger Things this Friday.