Strafe, that totally radical 1990s throwback FPS with the greatest NSFW trailer of all time, has succeeded in its Kickstarter campaign by collecting the requested $185,000. The campaign has collected $207,847 and while it didn't have enough momentum to snag the $250,000 co-op stretch goal, that's fine. I won't play this with friends.

Speaking of the past, to celebrate, developer Pixel Titans has released another wonderful trailer similar in the same vein of insanity found in the pitch which first lured us in. Rather than its own ridiculous 90s trailer though, this little piece of Heaven slams together many products from the 90s in a giant celebration of blood and money.

How many commercials can you pick out? The Toys 'R Us free shopping spree, Creepy Crawlers, drugs, Happy Gilmore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, DuckTales, The Price is Right, Full House.

It's wonderful. Strafe can be the worst video game in history, and I'll still be happy that this Kickstarter succeeded, because at least I got to see these two trailers.

The only thing is is that Strafe looks like a whompingly great time. Pixel Titans isn't pinned down with the immersive, next-gen graphics that a lot of first-person shooters find themselves crippled by. Instead, with its simple graphic engine, the team can do a lot more experimentation with what really matters: level design, map layouts, secret rooms, trick walls, and that little extra "something special" that made games like DOOM, Duke Nukem 3D, and Quake immortal classics.

Plus, the levels are created through procedural generation, meaning that you'll never be playing the same game twice.

No release date on Strafe just yet, but I'm glad it will be here eventually. With this one a success, I'm waiting on Children of Morta and Starr Mazer to wrap their campaigns up as well. Both look like sure fire successes, meaning my little trifecta of Kickstarter campaigns this month all pass with flying colors.