One more holdover from the Nintendo Direct earlier this week. I begrudgingly stayed up until midnight to cover it, thinking it wasn't going to be that exciting, but boy was I wrong! Nintendo has it going ON this spring!

With that said though, I think the Nintendo 3DS is home to one too many addicting life simulators. Tomodachi Life, Animal Crossing, Fantasy Life, Pokemon. Yes, Pokemon is a finely crafted life simulator, and don't you dare argue otherwise! I know some of you out there are just dying to become a real life Pokemon Master.

I thought about checking out Fantasy Life because it looks like a decent time, and I'm a casual fan of Level-5 these days. Then Marvelous AQL showed off Story of Seasons, a true spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon games with the original creators working on it from within a different company headquarters. I think I've found where I want to spend the limited gaming free-time I have these days.

It's been a while since I went down to the farm, but for some reason, I feel totally ready! I want to get married to one of the town cuties, fire out a few kids, raise some chickens and cows, get to know the townspeople, dig out hidden areas beneath the dirt, and just go crazy on the eggplants. Seriously, check out how easy it is to pull up vegetables and water them in this gameplay trailer.

Plus, you finally have total control over your own avatar! I've said before that fashion in video gaming is my new addiction, and I can't wait to give my farmer and his family a makeover!

Story of Seasons launches on March 10 for the Nintendo 3DS. Not sure when I will get to it, but it should be before the end of the year, maybe the summer.