Today was certainly a hectic day in the world of technology to say the least. We've compiled a list of TechnoBuffalo's top headlines for today to help you make sense of it all.

1. Same Service, More Expensive

With the sudden outburst of 4G networks hitting markets around the globe this year, it is no surprise that carriers will have to raise rates to compensate for losses. Who will be stealing more from you? Will it be worth the additional speed? Hit the link below for all of the details.

Carriers Will Raise Rates This Year

2. HTC's New Tablet

Yesterday, we brought the tech specs of the HTC Flyer, a device rumored to hit the market during the first half of this year. Set to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the addition of the famous skin of the Taiwan-based company, Sense, will likely surpass anything we saw on that device. Would you be willing to shell out some cash for this device, or will you wait for the company to announce a 10-inch device set to compete with the iPad?

Meet the HTC Flyer
HTC Flyer Confirmed By Second Source

3. All Things Gaming

With the expected announcement of the PSP2 coming this week, the gaming universe is buzzing with rumors and speculation. For more on the much-anticipated device, check out the links below. In other news, Disney Interactive was forced to downsize due to economic constraints, particularly hitting the team behind Epic Mickey hard. On the lighter side of things, some new details about Portal 2, Valve's latest creation, came out today. For details on all of the important stories, click below.

Is this the PSP2?
11 PSN Games Cut by 50% in Today's Sale
Disney Interactive Downsizes, Epic Mickey Studio Sees Layoffs
User-Created Levels Available for all Versions of Portal 2

4. Twitter Gets Sued

It seems as if every major technology company has to be sued for no reason as a rite of passage. A company recently filed a case against Twitter, saying that the social media site stole its concept of connecting celebrities to users. Ridiculous? Absolutely.

Twitter Sued For Connecting Celebrities

5. AmazonTote Set to Expand

Amazon is looking to expand its AmazonTote service on a nationwide scale. The service delivers Amazon's offerings, food in particular, right to your door in a weatherproof tote bag. Would you be willing to try such a service? Hit the link and you be the judge.

Amazon Looks To Expand AmazonTote Nationwide

6. Are There Enough Tablets Yet?

The release dates of T-Mobile's tablet offerings, notably the Dell Streak 7 and LG G-Slate, were leaked today. The Streak is set to hit shelves on February 2nd, while the G-Slate will come on March 23rd. Are you going to pick up any of these devices?

T-Mobile Slate Release Dates Leak Out

7. LTE to Mac?

When Verizon failed to announce Mac compatibility when announcing their LTE network back in December, many users were disappointed about the ambiguity surrounding its availability on Macs. Apparently there is an imminent software update that will bring support to OS X, though no specific date was given. Are you looking forward to getting 4G speeds on your Mac.

Verizon 4G LTE Modems Receiving Mac Support In February