Today was certainly a hectic day in the world of technology to say the least. We've compiled a list of TechnoBuffalo's top headlines for today to help you make sense of it all.

1. New Details Concerning Portal 2 Emerge

The successor to game monolith Valve's surprising puzzle-platformer is due out this April. Entitled Portal 2, the game features some unique characteristics including cross-platform play, meaning that those playing on PS3 can play with PC users. PlayStation 3 owners are also getting an added bonus, an extra copy of the game for their computers. Will it be the supreme console iteration?

Valve Announces Cross-Platform Play for Portal 2

2. Do You Want the Verizon iPhone?

Verizon will give customers a $200 gift card if you swap your current phone for an iPhone, though you have to pay the full, unsubsidized price for it. Do you want in on this deal?

Verizon Offers $200 Gift Card To iPhone Adopters

3. Does Microsoft Have the Best Phones?

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer said that the consumer software maker's phones are the best around in terms of aesthetic appeal. Do you agree? Click the link below and contribute to the discussion.

Microsoft Says Their Phones Are The Best Looking

4. Are You a Superhero? Do You Need a Sidekick?

T-Mobile confirmed that a 4G iteration of the formerly popular Sidekick will be coming to the network this year. Like almost everything else, it'll run on Android. Would you be willing to shell out your cash for this device?

Sidekick Brand Phones Return To T-Mobile in 2011

5. Gears of War to Kinect?

Would you be willing to play a full Kinect-enabled version of Gears of War, the notoriously violent and mature game franchise? Some evidence has shown that this game actually exists, and it will be called Gears of War: Exile.

Is Gears of War Coming to Kinect?

6. New Stock Apps Coming to the iPad 2

Some interesting graphics were embedded in the latest beta build of Apple's iOS 4.3 that indicate FaceTime, Camera, and PhotoBooth will be coming to the iPad 2. We also have a hands on video of the multitouch gestures in the new version of iOS. Check the links below for details.

FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth All But Confirmed For iPad 2
Apple iOS 4.3 Multi-Touch Gestures Demo On

7. Google's CEO Steps Down

It seems as if major tech companies are losing their leaders this week. First, Apple's Steve Jobs announced that he was taking a medical leave of absence and now Eric Schmidt, Google's head honcho, dropped the bombshell that he was stepping down. For all of the details about Larry Page, the executive taking over, hit the link below.

Eric Schmidt Steps Down As CEO Of Google