Today was certainly a hectic day in the world of technology to say the least. We've compiled a list of TechnoBuffalo's top headlines for today to help you make sense of it all.

1. LG's Intelligent Appliances

During the Consumer Electronics Show last week, LG unveiled their new THINQ and Smart Access Technology-enabled appliances that are to be controlled via smartphones and tablet computers. Is this a trend that will stick in the future? What doesn't your cellphone control?

LG Debuts Phone Controlled Appliances

2. Is Your Phone Secure?

While one always associates computer hacking with desktop software, it appears as if it is leaking over to the mobile spectrum. Are you comfortable knowing that you could be unprotected on your GSM device?

$60 plus 3 minutes Hacks GSM

3. More Apple Rumors

Is Steve Jobs growing more obsessive-compulsive by the year? Is the iPhone about to be unveiled on more carriers? When is the iPad 2 coming? Check out all of our Apple coverage from the day for the details.

Report: CDMA iPhone Hitting More Carriers
Rumor: Apple Looking To Remove Buttons From iPad And iPhone
Rumor: iPad 2 To Launch On April 2nd Or 9th
Sprint Event Feb. 7th; iPhone 4?
Tom Bihn Ristretto Bag for 11″ MacBook Air
iPads and Kinects: Our Gesture-Fueled Future

4. When is the PSP 2 Coming?

Rumor: Sony To Unveil PSP 2 In Tokyo On Jan. 27th

5. Motorola Atrix Dated?

It appears as if the much-anticipated Android device is slated for a March 1st launch. Sporting a 4-in. capacative touchscreen alongside a dual-core processor, it is sure to make a splash on AT&T's network.

Motorola Atrix Coming to AT&T on March 1st?

6. BlackBerry Dakota

Though Research In Motion (RIM) is focusing much of its attention on their tablet device, the PlayBook, they are still planning updates to their award-winning line of cellphones. From a specifications perspective, the Dakota looks great. Hit the link below to get a full rundown of what to expect.

Rumor: BlackBerry Dakota Gets Specs And Picture

7. Capcom Is Dealing with Quitters

Don't you just hate it when gamers leave during the middle of a match, whether it be from frustration or distraction? Capcom, the maker of the much-anticipated title Marvel vs. Capcom 3, is addressing this issue by keeping track of constant quitters, meaning that they can pair up quitters together and leave regular matchmaking for those with good records. Does this sound like a good strategy?

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Will Deal With Quitters

8. Is This Car Ugly?

Though TechnoBuffalo is not a car website, it is still interesting to look at the mammoth gadgets. Today, Noah posted a picture of one of Cadillac's latest vehicles, and there has been much debate as to whether or not the car is ugly. Click the link below and you be the judge.

Ugly But Deadly? Cadillac CTS-V Coupe