Today was certainly a hectic day in the world of technology to say the least. We've compiled a list of TechnoBuffalo's top headlines for today to help you make sense of it all.

1. HP – Palm Press Event

Considering the great deal of money that HP has poured into buying Palm and making webOS more accessible for a broader base of users, the consumer electronics manufacturer had a lot riding on today's event. Announcing the TouchPad, a 9.7-inch iPad competitor, the gadget builder is now entering the tablet market, joining Google and Apple as the likely competitors. Alongside the TouchPad, Palm also announced the HP Veer, spiritual successor to the Pixi and sister to the Pre, and the Pre 3, a sleeker, faster version of the popular handset. Any of these devices interest you? Check the links below for specs, hands-ons, and a ton of other content.

HP Announces TouchPad Tablet With webOS
HP TouchPad Time, Inc app Demo (Video)
HP Announces Pre 3 With webOS
HP TouchPad Tablet Hands-On Demo (video)
HP Pre 3 Vs. Palm Pre 2
HP webOS Event – Hands-On with the New #3 in Mobile

2. Samsung Galaxy Indulge Revealed

This morning, Samsung introduced the tech universe to the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, a 4G LTE-enabled smartphone that will be available contract free on MetroPCS later this year. MetroPCS already has the Samsung Galaxy Craft, but this device boasts a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and a TFT LCD screen.

MetroPCS and Samsung Intro The 4G LTE Galaxy Indulge

3. L.A. Noire's Gameplay Shown Off

Creating a trailer in the vein of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar displayed its intuition-based crime solving title's gameplay, which heavily emphasizes reading the faces of your enemies. Are you interested in picking it up?

L.A. Noire's First Gameplay Trailer (Video)

4. AT&T Announces Unlimited Calling to Everybody in the US

To rebuke those insulting AT&T's network, the carrier announced that starting tomorrow, customers will enjoy unlimited calling to any mobile number. Who's winning the mobile network war now?

AT&T Introduces Unlimited Calling to Any Mobile Number

5. Does Game Violence Have an Adverse Effect on Consumers

Fox News aired a report earlier today that Bulletstorm would lead consumers to rape. Though there was no comment from the publisher, EA, at the time of the story, they have responded with a very logical, level-minded answer. Who's right here?

Fox News Links Game Violence to Rape with Bulletstorm
EA Responds to Fox News' Bulletstorm Accusations