Today was certainly a hectic day in the world of technology to say the least. We've compiled a list of TechnoBuffalo's top headlines for today to help you make sense of it all.

1. The Daily

A collaborative effort between Apple and News Corp. to launch the first iPad-exclusive newspaper, The Daily seems ready to provide users with a rich multimedia experience coupled with consistent content. We have all of the coverage from today's event including a video of the app in action; check the links below for all of the details. Will this become your daily newspaper of choice?

News Corp.'s The Daily Launches
A Video Tour Of The Daily

2. Google's Honeycomb Event

Today was an important day for Google considering the fact that they held a press conference to discuss their much-anticipated tablet-oriented operating system, Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The company announced Google Body, an interactive way to explore anatomy, which will come default on Honeycomb-powered devices. Alongside this announcement came word of CNN's mobile application coming to the platform at no cost to consumers. The Internet monolith also unveiled the Android Web Store, a way for users to queue up downloads for their Android devices.

Google Announces Google Body For Honeycomb
CNN Coming to Honeycomb
Google Announces Android Market Web Store
Recap: Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb Event

3. Samsung Galaxy S 4G Officially Headed to T-Mobile

Boasting the theoretical ability to get 21 Mbps down, the Samsung Galaxy S is poised to be T-Mobile's fastest smartphone. Running on Android 2.2 and housing a 1 GHz processor, this device will feature a heavy emphasis on social networking and entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Officially Comes To T-Mobile

4. Egyptian Internet Connection Restored

Amongst the Egyptian government's fear of revolution, the heads of the embattled nation made a controversial decision to take the nation of the grid in order to prevent citizens from using social networks to plan large-scale rebellion. However, with President Mubarak's decision to not run for reelection has resulted in some loss of tension. It is still unclear what direction the nation will go politically, but it is good to hear that the government is allowing access to the Internet again.

Egypt Restores Internet Service

5. Today in Gaming

The gaming industry is always busy, and today is no exception. EA announced that their network of digital distribution saw a 39 percent increase from last year, a significant step in the evolution of the format, Bulletstorm came out with an aggressive marketing campaign directly targeting Call of Duty, and Batman: Arkham City, a much-anticipated title due out later this year, was revealed to be grand in scale. Check the links below for all of the details.

EA's Digital Distribution up 39% over Last Year
Duty Calls – Bulletstorm's Call of Duty Parody (Video)
Batman: Arkham City is 5x Larger than Asylum
Star Wars MMO Due in 2011, Profitable with 500k Subscribers