Today was certainly a hectic day in the world of technology to say the least. We've compiled a list of TechnoBuffalo's top headlines for today to help you make sense of it all.

1. SEGA Genesis Collection Announced Free for PS Plus Subscribers

If you are not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then you will not be enjoying the SEGA Genesis collection at no cost. Featuring six of many well-known retro favorites, the package also includes unique release dates for PS Plus subscribers.

SEGA Genesis Collection Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

2. Redbox to Compete Directly  with Netflix

Earlier today, Redbox's CEO revealed to analysts that the company plans to unveil a subscription-based, instant streaming service that would directly compete with Netflix. It is rumored that a partner will be involved in this endeavor, many believe that it will be Amazon or Walmart. Would you be willing to drop Netflix and spring for Redbox?

Redbox Launching Streaming Video Service

3. Android Madness

With so many devices hitting the market in the coming months, it comes as no surprise that Google is getting so much attention. Dell's smartphone and tablet lineups were leaked, revealing Ice Cream-enabled devices as well as Windows 8 handsets. Meanwhile, Motorola defended their recent announcment of the XOOM's pricing. Set at $600 for the base model, the consumer electronics manufacturer is vehemently defending its decision, claiming that the capacity for 50 Mbps down more than justifies the heightened price. Finally, Google's music store is rumored to be hitting market with Honeycomb, the tablet-oriented iteration of their operating system.

Dell's Smartphone and Tablet Lineup Leaks, Shows Ice Cream and Windows 8 Devices
Motorola Defends XOOM Pricing
Google Music Store Could Launch With Honeycomb

4. An Apple a Day…

Though Apple does not attend trade shows traditionally, they received an award for producing the best mobile device at Mobile World Congress, the iPhone 4. On the patent side of things, Apple filed to protect their rights to a gesture-sensitive bezel for the iPad, ridding the use of the home button. Would you miss it if the Cupertino-based company took it out?

Apple Files Patent For Smart iPad Bezel
IPhone 4 Named Best Mobile Device At Mobile World Congress

5. Guinness Announces Top 50 Video Game Characters of All Time

The Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed the fifty best video game characters of all time. If you had any say in the matter, who would you pick? Check the link below to see who was chosen by the well-known annual publication.

Guinness Announces The Top 50 Video Game Characters