Despite the fact that Digg's most recent interface tweak cost them a great deal of users, they plan to redesign the website in order to bring back customers. Though the design does not change much aesthetically, it will be important in helping determine whether or not Digg will survive in the future.

Digg Redesign Coming To Bring Back Old Users

2. Will the NGP Have Backwards Compatibility?

Though the technical specifications for Sony's newest handheld gaming platform have been extremely impressive, many are on edge about purchasing the device due to the fact that they have invested so much in UMDs, the proprietary format Sony used in the first PlayStation Portable. Despite the fact that we've known that this would happen for a while, Sony might still allow us to buy back our PSP games on the new flash storage.

PSP UMD Games Coming to the NGP?

3. NFC on the iPhone in Europe

With all of the talk about NFC-equipped phones, many are anticipating the iPhone 5's release as Apple's first foray into the mobile money market. However, Visa is offering an external dongle for iPhone users that will allow them to use the device in the same way.

Visa Brings NFC To European iPhones

4. First Strike Hits Xbox LIVE

Activision makes a great deal of money off of Call of Duty downloadable content, and today the company released "First Strike" the first map-pack for Black Ops. This collection features 5 new maps, including one new zombie map. Even if you don't purchase the add-on content, you'll still get a double XP weekend out of it.

Black Ops Celebrates New Map Pack with Double XP Weekend

5. Apple Denies Sony Reader App

Coinciding with increased debate as to the openness of Apple's developer platform, the Cupertino-based company decided to deny Sony's foray onto the platform. This was due to Sony's persistence on handling payments through a third-party site. Is Apple just being anticompetitive?

Apple App Store Takes Tighter Control, Denies Sony Reader App

6. HTC Inspire 4G Gets Dated

The HTC Inspire 4G is the first entrant into the 4G market for AT&T, and while it was announced last month at the carrier's CES event, it was not dated. This has changed as AT&T announced earlier today that the device would hit the 4G network on February 13 for $99.

HTC Inspire 4G Coming To AT&T Feb. 13th