Stonehearth Kickstarter

Stonehearth is the brainchild of two former software coders who quit their jobs and decided it was time to make their first video game. This Kickstarter project has just kicked off, but the proof-of-concept materials that the Radiant Entertainment duo has provided so far is really promising.

This is a strategic RTS heavily rooted in player customization and mod sharing. As an idea alone, it's impressive.

Here's the Kickstarter pitch video:

With only one day of Kickstarting below its belt, Stonehearth has already earned over $46,000 as of drafting this post. Their desired goal is $120,000, so I'm fairly certain they'll clear that mark.

Hopefully the final project lives up to the ambitious pitch put forth by Radiant. We'll keep an eye on this one as its Kickstarter campaign runs its course.