If you're still unclear what exactly SOPA and PIPA mean for the Internet, we've provided a great explanation here. If you happen to be part of the tl;dr ("too long, didn't read" for those not in the know) crowd, New Left Media has created a wonderful short explaining the two bills, and why you should be concerned.

Both bills contain vague language and reach too broadly, threatening free speech and innovation on the web. Both institute a private right of action for companies to block access to infringing content without due process. Both contain an immunity clause to protect these companies from legal consequence if they make mistakes. And both set the wrong global precedent by encouraging other countries to censor the internet based on their own domestic laws.

If you know someone who has questions about SOPA or PIPA, this video is perfect for bringing them up to speed. If you already know what the bills are all about, spread the word to get more people involved.