Pity be unto the gamer who clicks on a link regarding Stikbold while not ready for its art, its silliness or its dodgeball.

Or something. It's a Danish dodgeball video game with whales and stuff. I'm trying my hardest to make this thing seem more epic than it is.

Ahem! For the ball doth rise and the dodge must then fall. The Reign Bros. have released a brand new trailer for Stikbold, and we find ourselves not worthy of its glory. I am absolutely not grasping at straws here, and I'm offended that you would even let the thought cross your minds.

I've been watching this game for a few weeks now, sort of hopeful that it would catch on. It's made its way onto the Steam Greenlight program, and the early comments are all flying in the direction of support.

The Reign Bros. have also announced that they'll be at PAX 10 in a few months in Seattle. Hopefully they also journey out to PAX East in Boston, because that's the show that I typically attend.

If Stikbold totally looks like your jam (as it does mine), then pop over to Steam and give it a vote in the Greenlight program. Playing this easily in Big Picture mode is exactly what my game nights with friends needs.

We need it. Need it. I don't know how many more rounds of that Pictionary-esque game in Game & Warior I can take.