According to Rein Bros., the five person studio behind this wild looking title, Stikbold is a type of gym class game played in Denmark. It’s a lot like dodgeball.

Stikbold, then, is a gaming take on that offering. It looks absolutely absurd, which, of course, puts it right up my alley. I saw it once on the Indie Gaming subreddit, and now Rock, Paper, Shotgun has given it some time in the spotlight as well.

Stikbold features local competitive play, a story mode for folks looking to go solo, a whole lot of humor, a unique art style and dynamic stages that will present fresh challenges constantly.

According to the Press Kit, Stikbold was initially created during a 48 hour game jam. It won “Most Fun” at that Nordic Game Jam in 2013, and Reign Bros. has been working on it ever since.

The title is slated for the summer of this year on platforms to be announced. We assume the PC will definitely be a part of that pile, though we’re not sure about the nearing release date.

This game looks nuts.