SticknfindinhandI just love this little guy. The StickNFind is a cute quarter-shaped, bluetooth-equipped disc that attaches to just about anything, so you can track it on your iPhone or Android device. Now that’s forehead-slapping genius. The masses agreed — the venture nabbed close to a million dollars in funding from the community at IndieGoGo and, announces the company, is finally on the cusp of launching.

Tend to misplace your keys? Stick the disc on that keychain. Always hunting your wallet? Just slide this bad boy right in. Attach it to your dog’s collar, your kid’s shoe, your girlfriend’s purse — just kidding… (Please don’t do that.) Once the StickNFind has been situated, you can fire up the mobile app and see it on a virtual radar screen or be alerted if it comes into/out of range.

According to the developer, the device can come in very handy for everyday use cases like:

  • Finding the remote control: From the radar screen on your phone, you can set the disc to buzz, flash the lights or both. (Handy for hunting down things in the dark.)
  • Keeping pets corralled: Stick the disc on Fido’s collar and get alerted if it goes out of range, or use the radar to see if it’s nearby.
  • Tracking your suitcase: Hang out in baggage claim and when your suitcase comes out on the carousel, your phone will alert you that it’s in range. 

The device uses the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE profile for low-energy consumption. (Frankly, all modern Bluetooth accessories should have that, since it vanquishes the power drain problems of older Bluetooth profiles.) The disc is powered by a replaceable watch battery, which should last for at least a year. At MWC, the company also announced today that it revamped the mobile app, boosted the range another 50 feet (for 150 feet total) and now offers better tracking accuracy (within two inches).

StickNFind starts shipping next week — a month ahead of schedule — so pre-order customers will get the $25 device first, followed by stores in April. Comes in black, red, white, pink, blue and mixed colors.

Are you always losing things around the house or elsewhere? Where would you use something like this?


Stick-N-Find Technologies Announces Precision Locating, Extended Range and Future Plans for StickNFind at Mobile World Congress 2013

StickNFind Ships Ahead of Target Ship Date, With Enhanced Features And Completely Redesigned Mobile App

Mobile World Congress, BARCELONA – February 26, 2013 – Today, Stick-N-Find Technologies ( held its press conference at Mobile World Congress, making multiple announcements around the production of its popular ultra-small Bluetooth location sticker, StickNFind. Four major announcements included:

Precise Radar Resolution – Enables users to pinpoint stickers within two
inches of its location, using Stick-N-Find’s patent-pending algorithms and techniques.
Extended range of up to 150 feet – Achieved with custom designed antenna and a
proprietary mixed non-absorbant plastic casing, enabling expanded reach.
Completely intuitive redesigned, easy-to-use consumer mobile application. Shipping begins next week – One month ahead of schedule and a first early shipment announced in the crowdfunding industry

“We have been working day and night to make the SticknFind Stickers amazing. Our focus has been on reliability and easy of use. Our goal was the ability to pinpoint the sticker in a large house, without the necessity of the buzzer feature. Our radar resolution now is so high, the App will guide any user within inches from the sticker,” said Jimmy Buchheim, CEO of Stick-N-Find Technologies. “Furthermore we have been working very closely with our suppliers, we even produced our first 20,000 stickers in USA, to ensure that we shipped before our promised dates (originally March 31st). It was exciting for us to announce the shipped date for our contributors, but also the new feature-rich easy to use mobile application. New features on the App include the pinpoint location accuracy and extended range of up to 150 feet. We will continue to make improvements on the performance and form factor of StickNFind.”

StickNFind made its debut in December 2012 on Indiegogo, with its first showcase at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. StickNFind was one of the top crowdfunded projects of all time on the Indiegogo platform raising more than $930K in less than six weeks.

Other announcements during the press conference included a future-looking retail launch projection for StickNFind in April 2013 (retail partners soon to be announced). In addition, Buchheim announced StickNFind’s enterprise application projections for the medical industry, government agencies and libraries for both StickNFind and its longer range device, BluTracker.

To get detailed information on the press conference announcements, you can still view the press conference recording on Stick-N-Find’s USTREAM channel, here: [press_end]