What you need to know

  • Steven Spielberg is going to write a new horror series for Quibi.
  • He has already written about six episodes for the series which will be about 10 to 12 episodes long.
  • In a twist, viewers will only be able to watch the series on their smartphone when it is dark.

Steven Spielberg is returning to his horror roots. The famed director, who originally burst on to scene by scaring people with Jaws, is ready to frighten audiences once again using a different format.

According to Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, via Variety, Spielberg is going to write a new horror series for the new streaming platform. In an unexpected twist, it will come with the caveat that viewers will only be able see the series on their phone when it's dark.

How exactly will this be possible? Katzenberg revealed Quibi will feature a countdown within the app that ticks down until the sun sets in their region. Once the sun has set, you can watch Spielberg's horror series.

That's a pretty novel idea, and it might be a perfect medium for the new series. Horror content is always better when you watch it in the dark, why not mandate it of viewers?

Katzenberg went on to reveal that Spielberg has already written five or six episodes for what is to be a 10 to 12 episode series. It's still unclear what the series will be about, but it certainly sounds interesting.

Since Quibi isn't launching until April 2020, that's the earliest we can expect this new Steven Spielberg horror series. Sadly, it could come even later since Katzenberg didn't reveal a set time frame for when to expect the series.