Steven Sinofsky

In the drama-filled world of hight tech executive shake-up, Steven Sinofsky was the most recent cast-off from a tech giant.  A new report claims that Ballmer was peeved by Sinofsky’s stance to not support tablet support in Windows 7 even though hardware manufacturers had prepped reference designs for it.

Seems that Ballmer (the other Steve in this story) felt someone needed to pay for Microsoft having to play catch up in the tablet game.  If these reports are true it looks as if Sinofsky was partly responsible for Microsoft not being a large player in a market that really seems to have thrown off many executives, especially as the market segment has grown significantly in just  a few short years. It doesn’t help Sinofsky’s case to learn that he was not a very good team player and seemed like a bully or the fact that Sinofsky has brushed off competing tablets.

Was Sinofsky just that stubborn? Or was it as Apple had stated, you cant simply throw touchscreen and an OS and expect it to feel like they belong together?

Having used a touchscreen Windows 7 PC, I can tell you it is not the most natural experience and really doesn’t do much to improve the computing experience.  Whereas in most mobile platforms and on Windows 8 the touchscreen lends itself to the form factor: the holding of devices, using hands to gesture commands, it works well.  In all likelihood, Sinofsky probably knew what was around the corner in the follow-up in the Windows OS line-up and was holding out to unveil a more polished touch-experience for Windows 8 rather than throw together a sub-par and haphazard Win7-variant.

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