Woz with a Coz iOS

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is always in demand. If he’s not holding a keynote, he’s on a podcast or radio show, or busting his best moves on television. Now he’s about to become the star of a brand new video game alongside Machete actor Danny Trejo. Called Danny Tejo’s Vengance: Woz with a Coz, the 8-bit platform game is coming to iOS on or before November 22.

CNET reports that in the game, which is a tie-in for Trejo’s upcoming film Vengeance, the unlikely duo take on a “city full of baddies” in an effort to rescue Woz’s wife, Janet, who has been kidnapped. The title’s press release explains:

In “Woz with a Coz” on iOS, the Apple co-founder and his wife, “J-Woz,” are enjoying their evening together, taking a glide. Unfortunately, their otherwise quiet evening is ruined — not by a competitive product release — but rather by street thugs kidnapping “J-Woz”!!! Your dynamic duo of Steve and Danny must hurry and swing into action as they tear up Fusion City in their quest to rescue “J-Woz,” and maybe cause a little mayhem on their way…

This will be the first iOS release to feature Apple’s co-founder, who left the company in 1987. Be sure to look out for it around November 22. It’s unclear exactly how much the title will cost just yet, or whether it will be making its way to other platforms later on.

Source: CNET