steve-wozniak-backpackSteve Wozniak carries with him enough electronics to stock a warehouse. As you can see in the above picture, the Apple Co-Founder has a variety of gear and gadgets — looks like he owns more out of the Cupertino camp — from the multiple iPhone 4S's, a Galaxy Nexus, iPads, Kindle, Droid Razr and Mifi's aplenty.

Unless Woz has more arms than the average human, it's a wonder he can keep up with them all. It must be a pain to fish out one single device out of the haystack of stuff.

"You might think this is abnormal for me but, to the contrary, it's customary," Woz told Gizmodo. "Every device shown, I carry in my pockets or in my backpack all the time."

The intangibles not shown in the picture include:

  • binoculars
  • Gameboy link cables
  • earplugs for concerts
  • tons of pencils for pencil games on flights
  • tons of pens
  • tons of sharpies
  • tons of paint pens (signing)
  • red-blue-purple-yellow-green laser pointers

And so on.

"I usually say that my backpack weighs 50 pounds," Woz admits. "I'm not sure but I have to carry it every step through airport. I'm sure that I'm shorter now than before and I don't walk as fast."

It seems… excessive, but how dare we question Woz's judgement. His reasoning is practical: "Why so many phones?" one Gizmodo commenter asks. Woz answered, "I usually carry 2 iPhones in my pocket to cover situations where a battery runs down or I want to multitask… I do like to experiment with new ideas that manufacturers put on their smart phones so I'm constantly cycling them."

What does Wozniak do when he gets bored with a gadget? Craigslist? eBay? Does he have a box at home of discarded electronics?

We may never know. What we do know is that Woz has more swag than maybe anyone on planet Earth.

[via Gizmodo]