steve-wozniakDespite Steve Wozniak’s affinity for all things Apple, the guy has never shied away from criticizing the tech giant. He has openly admitted his respect for Android, and even lamented the endless patent wars dominating the industry. In a recent interview with TechCentral, Woz pithily expressed his feelings toward Apple’s approach to the iPhone 5, which he called “arrogant.”

“Part of me wishes Apple had not been so, kind of, arrogant and feeling like ‘we’re the only one with the right clue,’” Woz told TechCentral. “I wish [Apple] had made wider versions — a small and a large version of the iPhone.”

The popularity of larger-screened phones is perfectly exemplified by Samsung’s growing market dominance, particularly with its Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III. Indeed, Woz feels that Apple needs to reevaluate its stance on size — the bigger iPhone 5 isn’t enough.

“A lot of people want the big screens,” Wozniak said. “You get a feeling you’re getting more with a larger screen.”

Of course, as our Galaxy Note II review shows, the Android experience is heightened with more display real estate.

Wozniak’s arrogant comment is the juiciest bit of his interview with TechCentral. He treads familiar ground throughout, expressing his disdain for patent lawsuits, Apple’s walled garden and even his fondness for Android. In the process, Woz’s demeanor and candor is once again further cementing his status as one of tech’s most endearing figures.

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