The Internet being the incredible force it is today, there’s always something tucked in the corner we have yet to discover: a meme, website to waste time on or a black hole of YouTube videos. Case in point: these videos of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak charismatically speaking at an Apple enthusiast meetup. Even back in 1984—the videos were ripped straight from a VHS!—people went wild for Apple.

Steve Jobs wasn’t always the center of the tech world—for a long time he shared the spotlight with his partner in crime. Back then, in Apple’s pre-iPhone and pre-iPad days, Wozniak was just as important to the company as Jobs was, and seemingly just as quirky and down to earth as he is today.

In the videos, Wozniak gives some really interesting insight into why he quit HP to go to Apple, getting probation for computer abuse, developing the Apple I and, of course, hacking. It’s nice that these video clips are now forever immortalized on the Internet; they’re very funny, and reveal an important part of Apple’s very early days.