Apple Siri iPhone 4S

We've found that Siri generally works pretty well, but the beta voice-control application certainly has its flaws. Those flaws, however, may provide a glimpse at the changes in how Apple executives direct Apple following the departure of the late Steve Jobs.

In a report from Fortune titled "How Tim Cook is Changing Apple," the author, Adam Lashinsky, said that Tim Cook is "by words and actions" maintaining "most of Apple's unique corporate culture." However, there are already worries that Apple's products aren't staying up to snuff under the new leadership. One insider points to Siri — again, a beta product — and said that Steve Jobs would not be pleased with the current state of the software.

"People are embarassed by Siri," the insider told Fortune. "Steve would have lost his mind over Siri." That's an easy jab at Tim Cook, though, since nobody can know for sure how Siri might have been changed if Steve Jobs was still alive. To Apple's credit, its executives have also repeatedly said that we can expect some of the company's best products in the coming months. Moreover, Steve Jobs had a hand in Siri, so the comment is referring to its current state, perhaps.

In the same article, one executive said he was "blown away" about the company's roadmap. Speaking with The Telegraph recently, Apple's head of design Sir Jonathan Ive said that, what he's working on now, is the "most important and best work we've done." Ive, of course, didn't clarify on what product(s) that was referring to.

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