iPhone 4S 8mp cameraIn Apple’s journey to implement innovative technology into its products, iPhone fans might potentially see an unexpected upgrade hit a future iteration. According to Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky, Steve Jobs was plenty interested in Lytro’s camera technology. So much so, that Jobs met with the Lytro CEO, Ren Ng, to discuss cameras and product design.

The company’s CEO, Ren Ng, a brilliant computer scientist with a PhD from Stanford, immediately called Jobs, who picked up the phone and quickly said, “if you’re free this afternoon maybe we would could get together.” Ng, who is thirty-two, hurried to Palo Alto, showed Jobs a demo of Lytro’s technology, discussed cameras and product design with him, and, at Jobs’s request, agreed to send him an email outlining three things he’d like Lytro to do with Apple.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the light-field technology works, TechnoBuffalo got an exclusive hands-on with Lytro’s camera at CES earlier this year. Basically, the technology allows photographers to capture “the entire light field” and save it all into a single file, letting users refocus the image after the shot is taken. Imagine if this kind of technology was somehow implemented into a future iPhone.

If Steve Jobs was truly set on reinventing photography, Lytro is definitely a good contact to have in one’s address book. Apple has made some impressive upgrades to the iPhone’s camera since it was first released in 2007, and there’s no reason to believe future devices won’t improve even more. Point and shoot cameras have been on the decline thanks to the popularity and quality of smartphone cameras.Apple has built a reputation for taking complicated technology and making it accessible for the masses.

Could light-field technology be the iPhone’s next killer feature?

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