The iPhone 4S made the name "Siri" famous — I'm willing to bet you could walk into any restaurant, walk up to any patron, and ask who (or what) Siri is and you'll get the right answer 90% of the time. But Siri is a name that almost wasn't.

In fact, Steve Jobs didn't originally want to call the voice engine by its original name. Siri co-creator Dag Kittlaus recently spoke during the Technori Pitch conference in Chicago where he explained his interactions with Steve Jobs around the service, and the origins of the Siri name.

So Siri means in Norwegian, "beautiful woman who leads you to victory". I worked with a lady named Siri in Norway and wanted to name my daughter Siri and the domain was available. And also consumer companies need to focus on the fact that the name is easy to spell, is easy to say.

Ultimately, Kittlaus decided to name his voice-engine product "Siri," which Apple ended up acquiring. Still, Steve Jobs didn't like the name and tried to think of another one before the product made its debut in the iPhone 4S. Apple couldn't think of a better name, however, and Siri stuck.

[via Network World]