The life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was not all a bed of roses, and the latest movie from Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin will show that.

Set around three different Apple product launches, the upcoming Steve Jobs will feature Michael Fassbender as the charismatic CEO as he takes his company through three of its most important product launches. We see the infamous “Hello” appear on screen, the candy drop iMacs and the rumor is the film ends with the introduction of the iPod.

While Apple may be best known for its iPhone and iPad these days, these were three product launches that really cemented the company into what it would become. And it also looks like we will see the ouster of Jobs from Apple which would lead to his eventual triumphant return.

Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) definitely decided to forego making Fassbender look too much like Steve Jobs beyond his clothes, but that should be an easy suspension of disbelief for people. If anything, the only thing that stands out to me is Seth Rogen’s speech pattern seems incorrect for Steve “Woz” Wozniak. Perhaps it will make more sense once we see the film.

With talents such as Boyle and Aaron Sorkin scripting, this should be a heck of a movie.

Steve Job will hit theaters on Oct. 9.