Hold on to your old business cards, you never know what they’ll be worth later in life. Three of Steve Jobs’ old business cards from his time at NeXT, Pixar and Apple, just sold for more than $10,000 at a recent auction.

According to CNET, Marin School in California recently put the three cards up for auction as part of a fundraiser, where they fetched a total of $10,050. The school had hoped to raise $10,000 from the entire auction, not just from the business cards, and the winner was a family member of a former student. “Our goal for the auction was $10,000, so this one item got us to our goal,” the school’s communications director told CNET. “We are over the moon.”

The business cards were listed on BiddingforGood.com, where they received 47 total bids. They were described as “3 vintage Steve jobs business cards  — caressed and carried by the man himself” between 1984 and 1990. Other auction items included a Giants Jersey signed by all four members of Metallica.