The upcoming Steve Jobs biopic that’s being penned by Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin will only be three scenes long. It’s not what you think.

Each scene, according to Sorkin, will be roughly thirty minutes in length, and consist of backstage moments leading up to some of Jobs’ most significant presentations, including Mac, NeXT and iPod launches. Jobs, after all, was a supreme presenter that had one of the industry’s most commanding presences. What was he like just before taking the stage?

This early on, it’s unclear how each scene will unfold, but inviting viewers behind the curtain before such well known events should give us dramatic insight of Jobs and his relationship with some high-level Apple execs. Remember, Sorkin managed to craft the story of Facebook into a fascinating screenplay, so we’d expect the very same treatment once the Jobs movie is released.

Fittingly, Sorkin said he plans on ending the movie with words from Apple’s famous “Crazy Ones” ad, which to this day is still one of the more momentous campaigns ever to hit the air. Jobs did, after all, whether you want to admit it, did change the world.

[via TheNextWeb]