Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer's last fiscal year as CEO of Microsoft has been rocky at best for the company, which took a serious hit on its huge inventory of unsold Surface RT tablets while its Windows Phone 8 mobile OS struggled to gain a respectable market share. It looks like Microsoft's board of directors are holding Ballmer accountable, and docking a portion of his annual incentive plan, according to ZDNet.

Microsoft journalist Mary Jo Foley has unearthed the details of Ballmer's yearly bonus in the company's annual proxy statement. In total, the energetic CEO earned $1.26 million in fiscal 2013, divided between his base salary of $697,500 and a bonus of $550,000. That sounds like a perfectly nice bonus to us, but it turns out that's just 79 percent of what Ballmer could have gotten from his "incentive plan award," compared to last year, where he received 91 percent of his possible annual bonus.

In the proxy statement, Microsoft cites an 18 percent decline in the Windows Division's operating income matched with disappointing Surface RT sales. It seems Ballmer may have been scapegoated for the company's rough year on his way out, while a number of executives received 100 percent of their own incentive awards. Server and Tools chief Satya Nadella was even awarded 105 percent of his incentive plan for successfully running one of the company's most profitable divisions.