Microsoft wildcard Steve Ballmer has been known to spout some very curious opinions. He's loud, acts wildly and has enough enthusiasm for a grown elephant. What would we do without him?

Ballmer has said another famous Ballmer-esque quote—is there a Things Steve Ballmer Says Tumblr out there?—saying that 100 million Dropbox users is pittance. "A pretty small number," he said. Ballmer did commend the cloud company on being a "fine little startup," but that's about as far as his gratuity went.

Ballmer's response actually has to do with the topic of overall Office users—by extension, SkyDrive users, too. Sure, not many companies can compete with the numbers tallied up by Microsoft Office, but Dropbox is doing quite well in its own right—100 million is a giant figure.

Microsoft just recently unleashed Office 365, which is essentially a subscription-based service. The model strays from the company's typical formula, but will surely be a hit among students.

To wrap up the interview, Ballmer is asked about Office for the iPad, to which he says, "We'll see what we see in the future." Another classic Ballermism. He reminds me of an old timey wrestler.