Stephen King’s work can’t help but get adapted for different mediums. In addition to The Dark Tower and 11.22.63, Variety reports the author’s horror novella The Mist is coming to your TV screen in 2017; the story was previously adapted into a movie in 2007.

The show is getting a ten-episode series order at Spike TV, suggesting the channel has a lot of faith in the material. In a landscape so desperate to find something to challenge AMC’s The Walking Dead, you can’t blame Spike for jumping onto something so intriguing like The Mist. If you haven’t seen the movie, stay to the end to find out why people love/hate it.

It isn’t clear if this is going to be a one-off, or if Spike TV has plans to craft The Mist universe into something much larger. While the film had a distinct and unsettling ending, it still left room for more content. Maybe the show will pick up after those events, or perhaps it’ll have audiences relive the whole first encounter all over again.

Count me in!