Sony introduced a new version of its SmartWatch 3 with a stainleess steel band during CES 2015. It’s now ready to launch, and Sony said it’s now rolling the smartwatch out to stores around the globe, starting this week. It didn’t provide an exact launch date or a specific place where you’ll be able to find one, but hopefully we start to see it pop up in retailers and wireless stores. Verizon Wireless currently stocks the original.

Sony that that it’s also moving forward on its modular version of the SmartWatch 3, which will ship with a “holder kit” that allows users to attach any 24mm watch band. That model will ship with brown or black leather bands out of the box and Sony said that, starting this spring, you’ll be able to purchase the steel band or the leather ones separately for your current SmartWatch 3.

Pricing is still a question. The current SmartWatch 3 retails for $249.99, so we suspect the metal model will cost somewhere around $299.99 or more, which is on a par with other metal smartwatches.