Steam Storefront Updates

Step right up, those who have somehow recovered from the Steam Autumn Sale that felt like yesterday! Seriously, it ended on December 1, 2015. Here we are, not even a month later, with more discounts on Steam. The Winter Sale has begun!

This sale runs from today until January 4, 2016. Over the course of the sale, the deals will not change. Just like the Autumn Sale, the Winter Sale has done away with flash deals and daily discounts. Games will be at their lowest price points from today on, and they won’t change.

That makes things a lot easier for shoppers, of course. Show up once, nab your titles and roll on into the sunset. For those who like constantly checking and voting in order to earn community rewards? Sorry. Though, it looks like you’ll get trading cards every day if you explore your discovery queue.

What are you eyeing up? I haven’t poked around yet, but I’m hoping I’ll see Metal Gear Solid V on the cheap. I have it for the PS4, but this fancy new gaming computer I just finished building needs more content to cut its teeth on!