Have you ever had your heart set on downloading a new game from Steam, only to remember that you don't have a credit card to place your order? Well, GameStop just might have your solution.

You can now purchase Steam Wallet game vouchers at GameStop retailers around the country. These vouchers work just like any other redeemable voucher, such as an iTunes gift card or even Microsoft Points. You buy the card from GameStop, redeem it on Steam, then download your game.

This method eliminates the need for a credit card, which kids may not be able to talk their parents into forking over, or even if you're just weary about where you choose to submit your credit information. The availability of Steam Wallet cards will seemingly broaden their market, effectively making Steam downloads more obtainable.

As of now, these Steam Wallet vouchers are only available to purchase physically at GameStop stores. Apparently, there have been no talks to give GameStop official exclusive rights, but this is the way it stands today. It wouldn't be surprising to see Valve take their business to other retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target as well.

You'll be able to purchase Steam Wallet vouchers in the form of $20 and $50 credits at a GameStop near you. Do you plan on adding funds to your Steam Wallet with the availability of vouchers at GameStop stores?

[via Joystiq]