It's that time of year again! No, not the inevitable Steam Summer Sale. That's still a few weeks off. Today is the day that the date and starting time for the Steam Summer Sale leak, giving the gaming community plenty of time to prepare themselves.

According to reddit and PCGamesN, this year's sale will begin at 9:50am PT June 22 and will run until 10:05am PT July 5, as revealed by a screenshot taken in a developer-only post. As usual, the dates are not confirmed to be true until Steam says so, but given that they leak every year at around the same time in about the same fashion, we're pretty sure this will play out.

What are you snagging this year?

I haven't been gaming so much on my PC these days thanks to my laptop crashing and not yet being replaced. However, quite a few indie games and what not have popped up over the year that I am looking into snagging at some point. Rakuen is among them, as well as Owlboy. I also want to complete my collection of the Infinity Engine remasters, so Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is on my list.

Nothing too big or crazy that my temporary setup can't handle. How about yourself?