With the Steam Summer Sale for 2016 in our rear-view mirror, it seems like data analysts now know a thing or two about this round's performance. Steam Spy, one of the authorities on all things made and sold on Steam, fired off a few cursory tweets about the overall success of the Steam Summer Sale for 2016.

The good news? The sale did better than last year.

That's right, around four million more games were sold during the 2016 sale when compared to 2015. The revenue gap was large, too, with 2016 ahead by roughly $76 million USD.

And, if you thought it seemed like this year's discounts weren't sitting at bargain basement levels like previous sales, you were right. The Steam Spy Twitter account notes that "Average discount was lower this time: 50% vs 66%." The account offers that "It's great for developers – we're no longer racing to the bottom."

I bought a single game during this year's Steam sale. Granted, I tend to stay on current games, so these sales are for the handful of titles I missed. I'm not the average consumer who tends to wait until sales to snap up a whole bunch at once.

Did you take advantage of the Steam Summer Sale for 2016?