Mow some lawns, get a job shilling newspapers, something. We’re in the thick of summer, which not only means you have nothing to do now that school is over, but it’s time for Steam’s annual summer sale. Already?

I still have a dozen or so games I haven’t touched from Steam’s previous sales, so, yeah, I have mixed emotions about yet another sale. On the one hand, I’m always up for adding new content to my library. On the other hand, games are just piling up, gathering dust and waiting for me to press start.

Let’s be honest: I’ll inevitably buy more games, and tell myself that I’ll get around to playing them in the next few months. I know I won’t. There are too many good games to play, and not enough time.

What’s great about these sales is that it makes games you wanted to try but didn’t feel comfortable buying at full price more affordable. Who doesn’t like to save some coin? Of course, the whole purpose of the summer sale is to get you to buy games—maybe even spend more than you would have on a game at full price. It’s easy to buy five or six games at $10 to $15; it all adds up.

As always, things are broken down by Daily Deals and Flash Sales; Daily Deals change every 24 hours, while Flash Sales occur more frequently. The summer sale goes from now until June 21, which is a Sunday.

As part of the summer sale, it looks like Steam is giving the community to unlock more deals by playing the Monster Summer Game. “Help defeat monsters and unlock special deals for tomorrow.” So if you want deals, you’re going to have to work for it.

Some of the early standouts include Don’t Starve for $3.74, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth for $7.49, Outlast for $3.99, and Fez for $1.99. What are you waiting for?!

Let us know about some of the good deals you find!