This one goes out to the PC gaming community: Steam, if you've been living under a boulder on some distant planet, is hosting its annual winter sale. The marketplace has been moving games for mega-cheap for a while now. You should, by all accounts, be checking the store on a daily basis for the goodness within.

We alert you to today's deal because, quite honestly, we've been smitten by one of the games that's gone on super sale. Dungeon Defenders is an awesome tower defense, hack 'n slash, class based RPG that's garnered a strong critical support. It's a gem of a game that's been doing well for itself. Seeing it on sale has made it our duty to spread the good word.

We received a press release from the game's marketing company this morning that included a breakdown of each item on sale today. Here it is, verbatim, along with links and prices:

Dungeon Defenders – $3.75

Dungeon Defenders New Heroes DLC – $1.25

Dungeon Defenders Warping Core Challenge Mission Pack – $.49

Dungeon Defenders The Great Turkey Hunt – $.49

Dungeon Defenders Halloween Mission Pack – $.49

Dungeon Defenders Halloween Costume Pack – $.25

So, PC gamers, we strongly recommend Dungeon Defenders. For $3.75, not buying it would be a big mistake…especially if you tend to game with friends. Snag the whole bundle with three other cronies and you'll have yourself an incredible time.

And, hey, if you own the game already but have been looking for partners, now's your chance to tell them what they're missing. Point to the price and they probably won't be able to refuse.

Steam sales consistently destroy our wallets, don't they? We're all like, "Meh, $3? Yeah, I can spare $3 for a great video game." Then we multiply that line of logic by 20 or 30 purchases and, all of a sudden, we've spent more than $100 in a week on games we don't even have time to play.

We hate Steam.*

*Not really, we're sorry.