Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Steam has announced a sale that I'm not sure anyone saw coming. Really, we normally have leaks for these days, weeks and sometimes months ahead of time. Well, the Lunar New Year Sale is here.

The sale runs from right now until February 12 at 10am PT. There are, according to its description, "thousands of games on sale." At a quick glance, here are a few big games that have received a discount.

  • Fallout 4  – 33% off – $40.19
  • CS:GO – 50% off – $7.49
  • Rainbow Six: Siege – 25% off – $44.99
  • Rocket League – 35% off – $12.99
  • Cities: Skylines – 60% off – $11.99
  • Undertale – 20% off – $7.99

Steam is also doing a silly category sifting mini-game. It won't get you anything besides a chuckle and a look at a unique slice of games. For instance, right now I see an image that says I'm stuck in front of a body of water. I can swim through or drive around. If I pick swim, I get water-themed games. If I pick drive, I get driving games.

Now, just like the last few sales, what's discounted now will stay discounted over the course of this entire thing. No Flash Sales, no community voting, nothing.

What do you think? Buying anything?