A Steam update has been in the works for a while. It's not a big interface update, but it involves changes to the way games are displayed and advertised.

One change, writes Kotaku, will come to that scrolling line of images at the top of each store page. After the update, developers will only be able to use actual screenshots of their games. In the letter to developers, which was initially posted to Rust developer Facepunch's forums and later confirmed to Kotaku by Valve, the company laid out the requirements:

We ask that any images you upload to the 'screenshot' section of your store page should be screenshots that show your game. This means avoiding using concept art, pre-rendered cinematic stills, or images that contain awards, marketing copy, or written product descriptions. Please show customers what your game is actually like to play.

This will be tough to enforce, but it is absolutely necessary.

This is a problem that, right now, applies to a huge portion of the games on the Steam storefront, and even Valve's own games used concept art until recently, though that's since been updated.

I'm hoping they'll put some kind of reporting option into place, as policing the thousands upon thousands of games on the Steam store will be nearly impossible, but we'll see in a few weeks what's in store.