Ever wanted to roam the surface of Mars? Explore popcorn up close through the perspective of an ant? Traverse an insane landscape that looks more like a scene from Tron than a real place? Of course, that’s possible with virtual reality.

Today, Valve released a free piece of animation and modeling software called Destinations, or, more explicitly, Destinations Workshop Tools for VR. This software is free and in Early Access form. Expect bugs, of course.

According to the software’s description on Steam, “Destinations Workshop Tools is a VR content creation package that enables the creation and sharing of both real and imaginary worlds on the Steam Workshop.”

If you download Destinations, you’ll get the Source 2 tool set, “several example Destinations created with photogrammetry” and an editable example map.

This looks pretty nifty. Of course, a VR headset is required, so don’t try to use Destinations on your standard PC display. Hit the source link below to check it out on Steam.