Over the weekend, a handful of gamers on websites like Reddit and NeoGAF claimed that they were getting refunds for their copies of No Man’s Sky. Amazon, Steam, and even Sony, they claimed, were admitting that the game didn’t live up to expectations and had been breaking their usual refund policies to make an exception.

Steam is now countering these claims in a statement on the official No Man’s Sky Steam page, stating that it is not offering any “special exemptions.” for No Man’s Sky.

The standard Steam refund policy applies to No Man’s Sky. There are no special exemptions available. Click here for more detail on the Steam refund policy.

The truth turned out to be an organized attempt to lie, report technical issues, or claim other problems with live operators rather than emails. It was a matter of annoyance and persistence rather than a shift in policy that led to a few people getting their money back. All this happened so a few people could get a refund for a game they spent anywhere from 30 to 50 hours playing. Debates erupted, a Sony official claimed it was thievery to get a refund after sinking so much time into it, gamers countered with Sony’s deceptive marketing.

The weekend was not pretty for No Man’s Sky once again, but this time, it wasn’t the game’s mixed reception that lead to the problems. It was a group of entitled gamers looking to take advantage of that mixed reception to squeak an extra few dollars back into their accounts.

If you had genuine technical issues with the game, that’s fine. You also had two weeks through Steam to counterbalance that. The refund system works for genuine problems with the game, not fictional ones.

I don’t like where video game marketing is going, either, as it is creating more disappointments than it is successes. Try not to fall for it. Don’t pre-order games. If you do pre-order a game, pay for it and live with your purchases. Unless, of course, you meet the refund qualifications of a given marketplace.