Steam Broadcasting

With its latest client update, Steam has officially added the beta for Steam Broadcasting. This is its in-client streaming service that lets users broadcast their gameplay directly to friends and the public at large.

To get the feature, all you’ll need to do is update your Steam client.

When broadcasting, you can invite friends to watch – they can watch you by selecting your name – and the public can see you in the Broadcasting tab in Steam (if you have the client set to public display) or people can find you by typing in your user name.

Judging by initial stats, the community isn’t all that pumped for this quite yet. Here’s a screenshot of the Steam Broadcasting usage graph as of 8:47 AM EST this morning.

Steam Broadcast Stat

It’s early, sure, but only 876 people across all of Steam are using Steam Broadcast right now. That seems low.

Is this a feature you’ll use?