So what did a summer sale have to do with a record ban? Well, it seems cheaters were making multiple accounts and purchasing heavily discounted games across multiple accounts. That way they could, in theory, cheat on one account get banned, and then log right back in and get back to making non-cheating gamers miserable.

What a big day

Valve Anti-Cheat was onto the scheme, though, and brought the hammer down. 40,445 accounts were banned by the end of the day on June 6, according to the Steam Database. The biggest day for bans previous to this was just 15,227 bans last October. Tracking site VAC-Ban says that about $7,399 worth of in-game goods were forfeited as a result of the ban, along with any other games these users may have purchased.

This will not, of course, stop cheaters from cheating. That’s their whole thing – they’ll find a way. But it’s a nice bit of comeuppance for those cheaters, and a bit of respite for gamers that have to deal with them.